BMEMF workshop: When David heard – English laments of the early 17th century

In 1612 England was convulsed by grief at the death of Henry, Prince of Wales. Henry, who was the eldest son of James I and Anne of Denmark, enjoyed immense popularity and at a time of great national anxiety the loss of the heir to the English throne was keenly felt. Alongside a wave of public sermons, poetry and prose, composers wrote anthems, madrigals and solo songs of lamentation, frequently drawing upon the Old Testament figure of King David as he mourned the death of his son Absalom, or his grief at the death of his friend Jonathan.

For this workshop day we will explore several of these powerful pieces, from Tomkins’ justly-celebrated setting of When David heard to expressive works by Dering and Ward which, though almost unknown, are of superlative quality.

£22 for Early Music Fora members, £26 for non-members, £5 for students.