‘I tremble at my misdeeds’ – BMEMF online singing workshop

As everyone knows, miserable music is the most enjoyable. So why not dispel the darkness of a midwinter evening with some deliciously penitential polyphony from early modern Iberia?
Philippe Rogier (d.1596) worked for Philip II of Spain and was one of the last great Franco-Flemish polyphonists. His brilliantly rhetorical Laboravi in gemitu meo is sufficiently powerful that Thomas Morley thought to pass it off as his own work, with only minor tweaks.
Filipe de Magalhães (d.1652) trained at Évora alongside Cardoso and Duarte Lobo, yet Grove Dictionary reckons him to be ‘perhaps the greatest Portuguese composer of his time’. Certainly, Commissa mea pavesco is an unforgettable thunderbolt of emotion.
Both motets are dramatic outpourings, laden with emotive dissonances and exquisite suspensions which are a joy to sing.
I will briefly introduce each piece and draw out points of technical interest, moments of special beauty and vocal challenge, but the bulk of the session will be spent singing (muted) together.
Advance booking is essential, here.
Attendance is free, donations encouraged.