Reviews: in-person workshops

from an organiser of a choral week in autumn 2022:

Thank you SO MUCH for such a brilliant weekend.  We thought you were “on fire” this weekend;  probably the best we have ever seen you!  
As always you chose great music and helped us through it all, with erudition, encouragement, education and diplomacy.  
In truth no other director of our experience ever gives us such a rewarding insight into the scores, and the life, times and backgrounds of the various composers.  This really is without price.  
Everyone came away enthused and invigorated, especially those who had not met you before.  Thank you!

from the SEMF March 2020 newsletter: review of ‘Advent with Byrd, Tallis and Taverner’, SEMF workshop, 30 Nov 2019

from the SEMF September 2019 newsletter: three reviews of ‘Miserable Motets’, SEMF workshop, 22 June 2019

from the TVEMF July 2016 issue of Tamesis – two reviews of ‘Portuguese penitential masterpieces’, TVEMF workshop, 25 June 2016