Photo by Jason Dodd


I have led workshops for every regional EMF in England as well as EMF Scotland. I’m proud to say that every forum I’ve worked for has offered a repeat booking. Many workshops have become annual events. (Information on the National network of Early Music Fora is here.)

Since 2011 I had led residential singing holidays with Run By Singers – in Assisi, Copenhagen and Ávila. In the past I also tutored Lacock courses in Portugal, Spain, Netherlands and the UK. I have also led numerous ‘Anglican evensong weekends’ in the Netherlands, for example, at Doesberg, Brielle, Dreischor and Dordrecht.

I also lead a few invitation-only private choral courses for specialised singing groups.

I have also undertaken private coaching to choirs, on a one-off or regular basis. For example, I work with Quorum, a fine early music chamber ensemble based in Milton Keynes, and in the past I coached the excellent Kantus Kobenhavn, a quartet (sometimes quintet) of professional singers based in the Danish capital.

Repeated visits to choirs allows an intense creative relationship to develop. I love spending time working in detail on tuning, blend and ensemble as well as ‘troubleshooting’ issues such as problematic relationships within the choir and improving the ways in which a group rehearses.